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Ode to Honda Tuning, some featured parts in this magazine.

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1984 to 1987 Honda Civic/ CRX K swap Mounts

K series V4 are now available for group buy purchase. Expected shipment is March 15th, 2021. The latest design has 5 billet bracket/mounts included. Also including Energy Suspension chassis mounts, aluminum stand offs, new plated hardware. What's new? New rear billet arm which replaces the old steel arm and bracket. What does V4 bring to you? Better fitment with a centered load on the chassis frame rails. This is a bolt in application that will require some drilling.

K20 / k24 Swap Mounts

Billet Rear Upper Control Arms

1986 - 1989 Honda Accord All Models

We are currently sold out and looking to start another group buy. ETA starting March 30th.

Group Buy Option

Rear Lower Control Arms

These Rear Lower Control Arms are machined from quality 6061 billet aluminum and replace the stock piece with a much stronger piece that allows for better movement in the rear of the car. Each arm includes new energy suspension bushings and pins. These arms weight 60% lighter than OEM.

Group Buy Options

Door Hinge Bushing Replacement Kits

These bushings and pins replace the stock pieces with stainless and bronze. Repairing your door hinges with these products help reduce door sag and had to open doors. Many models available. 

Built to replace the stock OEM piece with an aftermarket part, consisting of billet 6061 aluminum, and Poly bushings. Installation of this part reduced engine rotation under throttle, helping with traction and predictability. A two piece design, for easy installation. A direct replacement. Available in 60a and 80a bushing hardness. 60a is a RED bushing and softer for street use, 80a is BLACK and harder for Track Use.

Once the oem bushings wear out, the pedals become squeeky, and wiggle. This movement can facilitate in breaking down the stock welds, causing clutch bracket failure. Rebuild your pedal assembly with these bushings, machined from delrin, to get all the great feel back in your pedals.

D15a3 to D16 Intake Adapter

This adapter is designed to adapt newer d16 intakes to older d15a3 cylinder heads. This allows for aftermarket support including better intake manifold designs, fuel rails, throttle bodies and accessories. The stock intake is extremely restrictive, this solves that problem. Machined from 3/4 thick aluminum, port matched and 3d machined for best flow. 

Windshield Cowing Retainers

Honda Acura hood risers

These risers add 22mm of height and only 3 ounces of added weight to raise your honda hood for clearances such as strut tops, intakes and other things that normally contact the hood when dealing with performance parts. $27 plus shipping. 

2004 to 2008 Acura TSX and TL

2003 to 2007 Honda Accord

Short Shifters

Finally a fully adjustable short shifter for your TSX / TL and Accord chassis that wont break the bank. Available in two different styles, race and street. Prepare yourself for quicker shifts, as throw has been reduced by up to 50%.

1984 to 1987 Honda Civic / CRX

Rear Trans Mount

Development over the last 3 years has come to this finally. An affordable rear trans mount for those who own the 1984 to 1987 Honda Civic / CRX. This mount drastically changes the strength of the rear mount to a much more sturdy Billet Aluminum two piece housing and Polyurethane bushings.

Updates to the H Car

The car now has corner lights from an EDM Civic, the fuel rail has been figured out using a f23 part, and finally the exhaust is almost complete. Golden Eagle shortened intake is a tight fit but will work. The LED lights look fantastic. The harness is in from Tuck Tech.