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Welcome to Cheddas Auto

The parts found on this page are specifically made for the 1983 - 1987 Prelude For prices and more information please click on the photos. 

DOM Fixed Camber Lower Control Arms

These arms are made from high quality DOM tubing, and energy suspension bushings. To be used as a stock replacement or performance upgrade. Set camber available. 

Front Extended Top Hats

Prevents bottoming by allowing the shock to travel further into the tower. This item is used typically on lowered vehicles. Machined from 6061 Aluminum. A polished aluminum finish will be standard, other finishes available. Built to accept stock sized bushings, energy or OEM. 1.5" - 2.25" + stroke

Fully Adjustable Short Shifters use billet centers and stainless rods, with a double fastened clamp on either end to allow for fully adjustable height and throw. Not only can you adjust the throw via the threaded linkages, you can also adjust height and position with a simple allen key from inside the car. 

Adjustable Radius Rods (83-87)

This product replaces the stock Rear Radius Rods with a set of Fully Adjustable Rods. These will alow easy adjustment of the Toe In and Toe Out of the rear wheels. Will also prevent deflection though the original stock bushings, making the suspension feel more fluid.

Shifter Bushing Rebuild Kit (83-87)

The bushings replace the U-joint linkage bushings, the shifter bottom bushings, and transmission stabilizer linkage bushings. Eliminates the play and slop of stock bushings.