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These parts help prevent bottoming by extended travel into the shock tower. Upgrade your stock rubber bushings with a spherical ball bearing design that feels more fluid and allows the suspension geometry to travel as it was engineered without binding. Aluminum housings, aluminum adapters, telflon lined spherical ball bearings, and new hardware all included. 

These adjustable shim plates allow you to select a set camber of 1, 2, or 3 degrees negative or positive. The slotted holes provide toe adjustment by simply rotating the part forward or back. These cars tend to have poor toe issues after lowering and until recently people have shimmed their rear spindles with washers. Within the kit has 2 plates of your choice and all the required hardware. 

Designed for the utmost max adjustment available without modifying the shock tower, these bolt on plates provide nearly 2 degrees of positive/negative camber and caster adjustment. Stainless oversized bearings, billet top plates, annodized base plates and chrome moly sliders and adapters. Koni friendly

This bushing controls movement from the Torsion Bar and Torsion Arm. They allow the Suspension to rotate with the Control Arm and Hub Assembly. This movement is slightly off axis and can "load" the stock rubber bushings. They are located within the cars front sub frame, paralell to the torsion bar. 

Pick the Panhard bar that suits your driving needs. Bushing Style bars are best for street. Bearing Style Race Style Bars are good for racing and can be loud using Rod Ends.

These bars recenter the axle after lowering to prevent wheel rub and are greatly stronger than the original part which bends under stress. 

 These shifters use billet centers and stainless rods, with a double fastened clamp on either end to allow for fully adjustable height and throw. Not only can you adjust the throw via the threaded linkages, you can also adjust height and position with a simple allen key from inside the car.

1986 to 1989 Acura Integra

Single Bend Adjustable Short Shifters

These short shifters are made of Stainless Steel, designed to shorten the throw in your Honda or Acura. Fully adjustable bottom and Delrin Bushings for an ultra smooth tight feel. Adjust from short to wrist flick shifts in less than 10 minutes. Machined to match stock shift knobs, match with a Cheddas Auto Billet knob for best fit.

This short shifter has a classic dual bend handle and fully adjustable bottom linkages for shorter shifting. These handles are typically around the stock height and reduce shifts by 50%+. Products are made of stainless alloys and chrome moly. Adjustable position and throw.

These shifters are intended to reposition the handle near the steering wheel for a No Reach shift. This allows the driver to keep his hands closest to the steering wheel while racings to help control the vehichle through cornering, traction or loss of traction, and torque steer. Made of stainless alloy and chrome moly components. Delrin bushing bottom end. Fully adjustable throw and position.

Aluminum Transmission Mount 

Cnc machined from 6061 aluminum and incorporates Energy Suspension Bushings for a stiffer then stock performance feel. Direct Bolt in part.

These kits are used to convert the soft rubber bushings inside the subframe to a much more fluid spherical ball bearing. Steel housings and aluminum adapters.

Spherical Trail Arm Conversion Kit

These kits are used to convert the soft rubber bushings inside the trailing arms to a much more fluid spherical ball bearing. Aluminum Housings and Aluminum adapter shafts.

Shifter Bushing Rebuild Kit

The bushings replace the U-joint linkage bushings, the shifter bottom bushings, and transmission stabilizer linkage bushings. Eliminates the play and slop of stock bushings. NC Machined from Delrin.

D16a1/ZC to New D16 Intake Adapters

These adapters are designed to allow the user to bolt on most newer (88-00) intake adapters including aftermarket superchargers, ITBS, and others onto their older d16a1 or zc engines.

Machined from Billet 6061, anodized then engraved with either your choice of the Cheddas Auto "CA" logo or the RPR "Three Flags" logo. Comes in optional colors. Shipments to be made approx mid September. Featuring a MR5 styling, 5 sided, matching bolt pattern of the original MR5 Wheel.