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These mounts include new mounts and brackets to swap a H22 engine into your Honda Prelude. Parts include all new hardware, steel and aluiminum mounts, and a diagrams for install. Two different hardnesses are available. 60a red (street) and 80a black (race). Redesigned 1funryd kit, made by Cheddas Auto. Please allow 3 weeks for fabrication and shipment. 

These braces are designed to help eliminate front end chassis twist by tying the inner fender to the A pillar of the car using tubular welded steel. Mount by bolting on to the door hinges with new supplied hardware and to the inner fender. 

These bars are designed to help strengthen the front of the car by tying in the firewall to the strut towers using rigid bend mandrel bent tubing, tig welded together and finished wth multi layer paint. Default paint is carbon mist black.

These billet mounts replace the stock part with aluminum and new poly bushings to help keep your radiator from rattling in the stock worn rubber bushings. Not only do they perform better they also look immensely better than the stock sheet metal parts to help tie together the engine bay with a clean look.

Prevents bottoming by allowing the shock to travel further into the tower. This item is used typically on lowered vehicles. Machined from 6061 Aluminum. A polished aluminum finish will be standard, other finishes available. Built to accept stock sized bushings, energy or OEM. 1.5" - 2.25" Extra travel. 

Machined from Billet 6061, anodized then engraved with either your choice of the Cheddas Auto "CA" logo or the RPR "Three Flags" logo. Comes in optional colors. Shipments to be made approx mid September. Featuring a MR5 styling, 5 sided, matching bolt pattern of the original MR5 Wheel.

These short shifters are a direct swap into your 1989 to 1991 Honda Prelude. These shifters use Machined Delrin, Billet Aluminum and Stainless to give you precise and short shifts. Assemblies are fully adjustable for user comfort including throw and position.

Parts include, new Ball Housing, Shifter Pivot Arm, Shifter Upper and Lower Rod, Linkages and Hardware. Shift knob additional.