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This shifter is designed to have a fully adjustable handle for best feel while still having the same single bend feel of the stock shifter. adjust handle height and position in seconds. Fully adjustable throw makes for a short shift. Billet 6061 aluminim and stainless construction. Free shift knob included for a limited time.

These short shifters incorporate a billet center and stainless rods, with a double fastened clamp on either end to allow for a fully adjustable height and throw. Not only can you adjust the throw via the threaded linkages, you can also adjust height and position with a simple allen key from inside the car. This is the ultimate short shifter for your 83 - 00 Honda. Available in silver and black. (other colours available upon request) Includes Delrin bushings, not shown in these pictures. Will fit any standard Honda/Acura knob. 

These short shifters are made of Stainless Steel, designed to shorten the throw in your Honda or Acura. Fully adjustable bottom and Delrin Bushings for an ultra smooth tight feel. Adjust from short to wrist flick shifts in less than 10 minutes. Machined to match stock shift knobs, match with a Cheddas Auto Billet knob for best fit.

Made from Delrin for smoother, tighter shifts.

Comes with 7 bushings, 3 new bolts/nuts, and a new linkage washer. The bushings replace the U-joint linkage bushings, the shifter bottom bushings, and transmission stabilizer linkage bushings. Eliminates the play and slop of stock bushings.

Machined from Billet 6061, anodized then engraved with either your choice of the Cheddas Auto "CA" logo or the RPR "Three Flags" logo. Comes in optional colors. Shipments to be made approx mid September. Featuring a MR5 styling, 5 sided, matching bolt pattern of the original MR5 Wheel.

These aluminum machined cowling retainers replace the stock plastic parts. OEM ones tend to break then rattle loose. These kits include a set of 5 pcs, enough for one car plus new set tapping hardware. Mods required to make them fit are : remove stock plastic caps, use an exacto knife to cut off the old threaded sections on the mating plastic parts that typically break.