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1984 - 1987 Honda Civic / CRX Torsion Bushing Kit


Definition: Torsion bushings control movement from the Torsion Bar and Torsion Arm. They allow the Suspension to rotate with the Control Arm and Hub Assembly. This movement is slightly off axis and can "load" the stock rubber bushings. They are located within the cars front sub frame, paralell to the torsion bar. 

Reason for Changing: The stock OEM bushings deflect the load applied by the torsion arm, causing loading, preventing the suspension to work as it is inteded. OEM bushings do wear out and once they do, the arm will flex inside of the Torsion Tube and not transfer load properly. 

Complete Torsion Bushing Kits Including:


  • New Inner and Outer Sleeves machined from high quality DOM Tubing
  • Precision Fit
  • 80A Polyurethane
  • Bonded outer sleeve
  • Rotating inner sleeve
  • Smooth Rotation preventing loading
  • Aftermarket support where there is no replacement, even OEM is non-existent
Below are two photos, one of the new itemmmm. 2pcs per kit. The other photo is of a torsion bushing that has failed. 

Links and Videos below are instructional purposed only.

Instructions and Install


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